Give Your Composition Book Style with Gelli Prints

Composition Book

The composition book is the quintessential school supply, used all the way from elementary school through college. I think they make perfect journals because they lack that preciousness of store-bought journals, so they are easy to write in. No one thinks twice about “messing up” composition notebooks.

Although there are expensive decorated versions available, the most typical version is an unattractive black pattern. At my local Target, I saw that ugly pattern in even more colors.¬†There is no need to accept composition book mediocrity into your life.¬†Use up some of your gelli prints to make your notebooks all your own. If you don’t have gelli prints, scrapbook paper will work just fine. Just make sure it’s think enough that you won’t see through it.

Composition Book How To


  • composition book
  • 2 gelli plate prints on cardstock paper
  • gel medium
  • washi tape
  • wax paper
  • scissors

Written Instructions

  1. Collect your supplies.
  2. Cover the black strip with easy-release washi tape.
  3. Place wax paper in between the cover and paper.
  4. Cover the cover with gel medium.
  5. Place your gelli print over the cover.
  6. Remove the washi tape and let dry.
  7. Trim the excess paper to fit the composition book.
  8. Repeat on both sides
  9. Enjoy your awesome creation.

Video Instructions

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